5 Best Online Identity Protection Methods

5 Best Online Identity Protection Methods

June 15, 2023 By admin

When using the internet, hiding your identity is a way to ensure that no evidence of who you are is left behind. With it, one may browse the web regularly while still ensuring that their identity is protected thanks to all the safeguards implemented. Online anonymity is undoubtedly a fantastic technique to conceal your identity, and it also aids in fully cutting off your internet access, but for many of us, this is simply not possible.

The question then becomes: Why not try some of the other, entirely free and far simpler methods that are available for obscuring your trails and masking your online identity?

If you are one such person who has been looking to hide the Identity online, go ahead and check out this post. It will provide the 10 best ways to do so. Continue to read ahead and get the needed information.

Why Hiding the Identity is Important?

Through hackers, businesses that are fully capable of selling the information, or other techniques that are not regarded appropriate, it is much simpler for personal information to leak online.

Keeping personal information to a minimum is helpful in maintaining identity security when using the internet and ensures that one does not have to worry about harassment, identity theft, spam, privacy invasion, etc.

 How to Hide Identity?

Making many adjustments to one’s digital habit is necessary to conceal one’s identity online. Whatever works best must be applied; it might be switching to a different operating system or altering the search engine, for example. Among the actions that can be performed to conceal one’s identity are

  1. Browsing Anonymously

The greatest approach to remain anonymous online is to browse in an identity-obscuring manner. By doing this, the true information is kept off the internet, making it less likely that someone would discover your IP address, discover your home location, discover what you have been looking for, or just target you with all of the adverts on the device, etc.

  1. Deleting Personal Information

When one’s personal information is publicly available, it is exceedingly challenging to conceal one’s identity online. The search engines in use make it quite simple for anyone who want to harm you to discover your home address, phone number, email address, etc.

Even if the material cannot be deleted because it is all in the public domain, available on several websites, and constantly updated, one can try to erase the currently available information for free.

  1. Using Encrypted Messaging Applications & Encrypted Browsers

Use the secure messaging programme. Only the sender and the recipient will be able to see the message that has been shared thanks to messaging apps with encryption. Although there are several programmes that support end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp and Signal are two outstanding examples of programmes that encrypt communications.

Keep in mind that Google is pretty infamous for carrying out extensive data harvesting when it comes to browsers. So, try to stay away from using Google Chrome or any other browser offered by major IT firms. Try to use a secure browser that will enable you to encrypt both your IP address and your web activities.

  1. Using Secured Email

Gmail undoubtedly makes things easier to use, but it also retains all of your private emails on the server. People have been searching for security choices as a result, and today there are many of them available that do not need giving the government access to client data and cannot be compelled to do so. They guarantee end-to-end encryption and open source code together. The best part is that no matter what operating system you use, these services are always totally free.

  1. Temporary Emails

Use the temporary Emails if you don’t want any businesses to send you daily newsletters via email. There are several websites that provide you disposable email addresses at no charge.

Identity theft, data gathering, and client tracking are the effects of lacking online privacy. Remember that if your information is publicly available to anyone on the internet, they can perform all three of these actions. As a result, it is critical to pay attention to search history and safeguard privacy because internet firms are always monitoring our every move.

Therefore, you are making a very good decision if you have been intending to disguise your identity online or have such intentions as of right now. Make no concessions, please. Staying safe and away from numerous internet frauds will be much easier.