How Does Canva Help You Make Money?

How Does Canva Help You Make Money?

June 15, 2023 By admin

People discover methods to generate money, and thanks to digitalization, doing so is become increasingly simpler. According to how things have been going, it appears that more and more people are using websites like Canva, but surprise, surprise—not all of them are aware of the platform’s full potential.

Actually, websites like Canva provide a wealth of options for earning money through the sale of goods, content, and services. Due to this, a lot of individuals have begun employing them to generate passive income nowadays. But keep in mind that this money isn’t simple to get by.

This post is for you if you’re one of those people who plans to utilise Canva and has been seeking for ways to make money with it. Just be certain that you are familiar with Canva before using the same.

A Guide to Canva

More than 100 million people use the online design and content production platform Canva. Users may produce stunning images, films, social media postings, digital goods, and much more thanks to this tool.

It is also one of the most well-liked tools among internet business owners, side hustlers, freelancers, and remote employees and their teams since it enables them to communicate asynchronously. Canva is the ideal tool to aid you in monetizing the abilities and keeping the brain engaged in a creative manner, especially if you are one, who has been fighting to work with ADHD. So, if you are one creative person searching for launching the remote side hustle.

Popular Ways to Make Money Through Canva

  1. Selling Canva Templates

The Canva templates are widely utilised by a variety of businesses for presentations, infographics, infographics for social media, Pinterest pictures, and more. Additionally, it cuts the production time in half when used. It’s also important to note that people other than company owners utilise Canva templates. Today, anybody may utilise the templates to their advantage, including parents, instructors, students, and others.

Making templates for Instagram stories or carousels, Pinterest pins, TikTok videos, resumes, websites, newsletters, etc. are a few examples of how to use Canva templates.

You may now provide the shareable template link through Canva as part of the digital download that customers receive after making a purchase, or you can simply include the link in the instructional document, which is also included in the digital download, so that customers can view any of these templates. Your decision is entirely up to you.

If looking for websites where you can sell the templates, there are some apps like Shopify, Teachable, Stan Store, Etsy, etc.

  1. Creating/Selling Digital Products

Through websites like Webinarjam, Teachable, Etsy, and others, you can make and sell digital goods like journals, calendars, artwork, eBooks, manuals, and more. With time and momentum, this is one source of revenue that will be ideal for developing an internet business.

  1. Designing eBook Covers

One fantastic alternative for authors is Canva. Through systems like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Apple Books for Authors, it enables individuals to self-publish their books. Here, the goal is to generate money by assisting authors in getting the greatest covers—or rather, the most alluring ones—so that they can make sales.

  1. Design the Announcements and Invitations 

The most popular product on Etsy is a combination of digital and printed things for parties and other special occasions. Therefore, among these helpful objects that may be produced with Canva are announcements, invites, save-the-dates, table settings, name tags, and plenty more. Additionally, there are some incredible templates available that are divided into categories based on the event.

If you want to generate money, get in touch with folks who want invites to birthday parties, baby showers, and other events. You wouldn’t believe it, but professional invites for all of these events are always in demand.

  1. Creating Infographics

Infographics are used by websites and companies to provide complicated information in a way that is simple to comprehend. The ability to sell infographic templates online as a component of a digital good or to provide clients with infographic design services on a freelance basis.

Utilise the platforms provided by 99Designs and Fiverr to provide infographic design services.

  1. Designing Social Media Ads

To reach their target market, firms are turning to social media advertising. Offer your services for creating social media advertisements that are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely effective to Canva users.

Through sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn, as well as through direct client outreach and lead magnets, potential clients may be attracted.

  1. Building the Brand on Canva and then Land Sponsorship Deals

Use Canva to develop your brand, whether it be a brand that focuses on content production or any other form of brand, such as the YouTube or podcasting brands.

You may use Canva to create a media kit and brand it before sending it to potential partners in order to secure sponsorship money and collaborate with them on marketing campaigns that can appeal to both ends of the audience.

You may utilise the direct message option to reach out to the businesses you want to collaborate with in order to uncover greater prospects. It can be done utilising websites like Upfluence and Aspire as well as platforms like IG or TikTok.


The time is now, if you’re trying to make money, to simply employ the options outlined above and see them through. They are a few diverse options that are entering the market and spurring demand for themselves. Additionally, working on all of these projects will be exciting, which will increase the value of the money. So feel free to give it everything a shot. Start your business right away to improve.