Utilise the Google Voice access app to voice-control your phone

Utilise the Google Voice access app to voice-control your phone

June 15, 2023 By admin

Everybody interacts with their smartphone by touching the screen. However, you may use voice commands to operate your phone. With the use of your voice, you may access and manage everything on your phone. To use your phone, you must download the Google Voice Access app.

Voice Access app by Google

One of Google’s most well-liked apps for controlling mobile devices is this one. Users may quickly access their phones and provide voice commands. Avoid touching your phone and instead use the Voice access app.


  • Navigation Control
  • Control current Screen
  • Text editing control
  • Dictation Control
  • Use Google Assistant to start Voice access app
  • Speak Help to see a short list of commands
  • Tap on the Voice Access icon to pause the app

How to download and use the new Voice access app

on download the Voice Access app on your phone, click the provided link. After installation, launch the app on your phone by tapping the “Ok” button. Following that, you must hit the Accessibility menu item and turn on the accessibility feature.

You must press the Allow button after enabling the Accessibility option before tapping the Ok button. Toggle accessibility on by tapping the Downloaded Services, then hit the Allow button. Give this app permission by tapping the proceed option after selecting the setting symbol at the bottom of the Accessibility menu.

After giving this app access, you press the Voice Access toggle on your notification panel to enable it. Now that the software is operational, voice control of your phone is possible. To open WhatsApp, you must speak, and it will do so. Any app that you speak to open will follow your voice command.