What Are The Facts Regarding Smart Roads?

What Are The Facts Regarding Smart Roads?

June 15, 2023 By admin

Improvements to this smart infrastructure will not only help autonomous vehicles (AVs) navigate highways more effectively, but also make them safer. Smart roads are like the silent companions of AVs. Additionally, it would improve the functioning of the transportation system as a whole.

Since human error causes the majority of accidents, AVs have been viewed as a safer alternative to human-driven automobiles. However, before the AVs are ready for the market, technology still has to make a lot of advancements, particularly in the capacity of the vehicle to perceive the surrounding barriers and anticipate vehicle or pedestrian activity.

This is significant, but there have been some concerns raised about whether it is necessary to upgrade the smart roads in the same way that improvements to automobiles are significant. The attention now needs to extend beyond AV technology and include improvements to the road’s infrastructure. Even though many AV manufacturers do not rely on smart roads, their development continues to play a significant role in AV adoption and other areas.

What are Smart roads?

When we talk about smart roads in cities, we’re talking about technology that can collect data via the Internet of Things for traffic management or even to design better and far more competent future transportation.

The acoustic sensors, smart traffic lights, speed sensors, IP CCTV cameras, digital signage, condition and weather monitoring system, etc. are some examples of these devices. All of this data, which is gathered by IoT sensors, radar, and cameras, may be utilised in real time to optimise traffic flow, as well as to lessen pollution and maintain the state of the road.

Benefits of Smart Roads

By keeping an eye on vehicle movement and adjusting the traffic signals, it will aid in the decrease of congestion.
Computer vision can increase safety by detecting and avoiding other cars, bikes, and pedestrians. The first responders might be informed of any illegal behaviour or crashes using the smart gadgets.
charging tolls on bridges and roads based only on licence plate recognition. Additionally, it will aid in lessening traffic congestion and enable moving vehicles.
using analytics to identify and prevent issue areas. As a result, the measures for signs, signalling, or even internal adjustments will be lessened.

Technologies related to smart roads

Generally speaking, the deployment of the advanced smart road still involves 4 technologies. It’s them,

  1. Electric Charging Lanes

Many non-polluting EVs have been integrated thanks to community efforts. Along with that, they are working to put in electric charging stations and lanes that can charge many moving vehicles at once.

  1. Solar Road Paint

The application of solar paint will be very beneficial in capturing energy during the day and then illuminating the lines at night to improve safety and visibility.

  1. Smart Pavements

High resolution fibre optic sensors and other technologies buried below the pavement will make it easier to detect cars, assess the state of the road, spot accidents, and alert the emergency services on their own.

  1. Honking Roads

Any such technology offered at the hairpin bends or the severe curves will be of considerable assistance when wearing the SmartLife Poles. Furthermore, using the poles as an advanced networked device that can track vehicle speed and sound the horn to warn of approaching cars can aid in a variety of ways.


In light of the aforementioned instances, developing technology has a lot of potential to revolutionise road travel in the years to come by introducing far more individualised services for both private and business customers.

The benefits of smart roads include significant automation, energy efficiency, increased public safety, cheaper costs, a greener environment, fewer fatalities, and much fewer accidents. So it would be wise to encourage the existence of Smart Roads. With the new startups, there will be a lot more changes, which will undoubtedly lead to a brighter tomorrow.